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English as a Second Language

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The English as a Second Language (ESL) program serves students whose primary language is not English.  These English Language Learners (ELLs) may be: 

  • Foreign born - Immigrants or refugee students who have moved to Canada and speak or are exposed to a language other than, or in addition to, English at home.
  • Canadian born - First Nations, Métis and Inuit students, Francophone students, or Canadian-born children of immigrants who live in homes in which they speak or are exposed to a langugage other than, or in addition to, English.  

The ESL Program provides each English Language Learner with the opportunity to understand and appreciate the English language and to use it confidently and competently in a variety of situations for communication, personal satisfaction, and learning. Students are able to learn English while also learning about Canadian customs, values, and social expectations. This is done in an environment where they are encouraged to share their cultural experiences and where their linguistic and cultural diversity and contributions are celebrated holistically in the classroom.

English Language Learners become confident and competent users of the English language by being exposed to as many opportunities to listen, speak, read, write, view and represent the language as possible. As such, students are provided with:

  • A strong instructional program that helps to develop their English Language Proficiency.
  • Access to a rich curriculum and services to help meet their educational needs

At the elementary and junior high school level, English Language Learners (ELLs) receive targeted language support in grade level classrooms. At the high school level, students have the opportunity to learn English in a credited small group ESL program while completing a complementary regular high school program. 

Parents wishing to register their children should contact the individual school. For more information regarding the program, please contact:

Daphne Sander, ESL Specialist Teacher, at (403) 327-3402.


Michelle Mackinnon, Director of Support Services, at (403) 327-9555.


For more information about ESL programming in Alberta: 

Kindergarten- Grade 6
Grade 7-9
Grade 10-12

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