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Work Experience FAQ

Who may go into Work Experience?

Any student in grade 10, 11, or 12 who has a part-time job during the school year, a position during the summer months, or who volunteers can sign up for Work Experience.

What do I need to do?

Talk to your employer. If they allow you to do work experience, pick up the work experience forms. Return the completed forms to the same office. When these forms are returned to the school you will be officially enrolled in work experience. Arrangements will be made by the Off-Campus Education Coordinator to meet with your employer to approve the worksite, review your Learning Plan, review WCB regulations, and go over the evaluation procedure with them. The students must regularly submit their timesheets, employer evaluations (after every 125 hours) be a hardworking, positive employee and regularly stay in touch with the Off-Campus Coordinator.

How do I earn credits?

Students can earn anywhere from 3 to 10 credits in one work site or on one skill-set. Credits are based on time worked. Each credit requires 25 hours of work (for example: 5 credits will require 125 hours of work). The maximum number of credits that can be issued in Work Experience is 30. Evaluations must also be done regularly in order for Work Experience course marks to be calculated.

Do I have to quit my job after 10 credits and get a new one to continue earning Work Experience Credits?

In order to meet Alberta Education curricular requirements you must have a new learning plan in place for every 10 credits. The new learning plan should include new goals and new skills being developed.

Is there a time limit of when the credits must be completed?

No, students' work schedules vary from one student to another and therefore students earn Work Experience credits on an individual basis.

May I use more than one job for Work Experience?

Yes, as long as the paper work is completed for each work site.

What are the advantages of being in Work Experience?

  • 15 credits may be used towards earning a high school diploma
  • Great skills gained in the workplace
  • Students continue to work without having to alter their timetables
  • Build upon your resume for future employment and references
  • WCB insurance provided for all Work Experience students through Alberta Education

Can I use a job in the summer for Work Experience?

Yes, students have 3 summers for Work Experience - the summer after grade 10, the summer after grade 11, and the summer after grade 12. All the paper work must be completed before the summer begins.

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